About US

Turkey’s first Intraocular Lens and Contact Lens producer Anadolu Tıp Teknolojileri A.Ş. , started a Project called “Improving the technology of Intraocular and Contact Lenses” in 2003 in cooperation with TÜBİTAK-MAM(Scientific and technical research institute of Turkey – Marmara Research Center) and created its trade mark ZARACCOM after the R&D studies.
     Extending its sales network Since 2005, ZARACCOM Lenses started to exportation in 2007 particularly to European Union countries and made great strides in being an international brand.


To consider the human health as the most precious module,
To maximize costumer satisfaction by appliying a reliable and stable production system without sacrificing quality and maintaining the international standarts.
To have a competitive and sustainable growth potential by following the technological innovations consistently and to answer to all kinds of customer needs.
To pay a great attention to after-sales services and to maintain the studies to improve the quality and the efficiency permenantly.
To prioritise the self-improvement, self-efficiacy and happiness of its employees.

Our Vision

To be an international level Turkish company, offering competitive and high quality solutions to its costumers by making differences to create a stable superiority aiming the professional perfection with its unique team members.