Quality Management System

Considering “human life” and “quality” as the most significant issues, Anadolu Tıp Teknolojileri A.S. prioritise “reliability” and “quality” in services, and has all quality certitificates and international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485 ve Conformity of Europe CE) as a requirement of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Areas are kept under control according to “GMP principles” with the highest quality standarts. Competence and awareness of our personnel keeps developping constantly, to maintain the invariability of this system.

The main issues of Quality Management System are defined in “Quality Policy” which was published by Anadolu Tıp Tekonolojileri A.S.

All quality and management systems, being applied in Anadolu Tıp Teknolojileri A.S., are being checked and reviewed; by this way, capability, compatibility and efficiency of these processes are evaluated and improved regularly.

Anadolu Tıp Teknolojileri A.S. is working hard to answer to all costumer expectations by offering high quality products which are manufactured under “Quality System”.

Quality Policy

As being members of Anadolu Tıp Teknolojileri A.S., an international Turkish Company in health sector, we adopted these points indicated below, as principles;

• To supply reliable products adhering to human health and legal regulations,

• To ensure complete costumer satisfaction, as a priority principle,

• To answer to demands of our costumers completely and on time,

• To make no compromise of quality in any condition,

• To follow technological innovations and to keep leading the field in Turkey,

• To pay attention to post-purchase services,

• Not to content ourselves with the status quo, but to keep “learning and improving” as our primary concern,

• To take our quality goals to the further steps every year,

• To keep being a company with satisfied costumers, management, employees and suppliers.

We, as management, undertake that we will provide all the sources, for functioning of our quality management department and we also appreciate your precious efforts for this system to work constantly.

We keep in mind that, our objectives can be achieved with ambition, motivation and team work.