Zaraccom Multicokal Lenses (3 months use)
• Having multiaspherical design and excellent focusing geometry, ZARACCOM MULTIFOCAL Lenses, provide the perfect compatibility with your eyes by having "Natural Accomodation" principle owing to monocular synchronous focusing.

• ZARACCOM MULTIFOCAL lens design has four different regions which have non-linear multiaspherical Dpt increases. The central region which is designed as “Accomodation Region” simulates the vision approximately %25 - %100 and makes a natural view possible.

Basic Features
- Real "monocular multifocal" focusing by natural compatibility
- Fast and efficient solution with double-region compatibility method
- Excellent comfort and easy use
- High visibility optic
- Special edge design for perfect comfort
- UV light blocking ability
- Perfect night vision
Tecnical Features