Multifocal IOL

The asymmetrical light distribution used in Zaraccom multifocal IOLs ensures optimal visual performance at all distances, and the pupil-independent design additionally enables good vision under low light conditions.

Offering your patients superior near and distance vision.

Zaraccom multifocal IOLs represents advanced multifocal technology, enabling patients to see clearly without glasses at near and far distances.

The platform offers an optimized optic design for an excellent visual outcome and a high degree of spectacle independence, including reading distance.

Patients treated with Zaraccom multifocal IOLs enjoy high spectacle independence, leading to a better quality of life. Multifocal

Key Feature & Benefits;

Model Name


IOL Design

Diffractive Single piece for posterior capsular bag


Glistening Free, Hydrophobic Acrylic with UV absorber

Optic Diameter

6,0 mm

Overall Length


Haptic Angle

Optic Design

Plano-convex square edge optic and haptic

Diopter Range

10D to 25D, 0.5D increment from 10D to 30D

Near Power

+4,00 IOL Plane (+3,50 Spectacle Plane)

Refractive Index


Material Water Content

<1 %



A constant


Diffractive Ring Number


Type of Delivery System

Easy to handle IOL holder

Incision Size

< 2,2 mm

Shelf Life

5 Years